Correct approach to celebration

From time to time every person meets a question where to spend an important occasion of his life -whatever birthday of his kid or corporate celebration of New Year eve.

 Sometimes it is difficult to make a place choice - besides perfect service, you wish it looking good and to be sure in good cuisine. Symbiosis of all these parameters you can find on the territory of our hotel.

   Here there are the main benefits:                                                                    

   The territory itself - comfortable parking area, security, wellcared park with a lot of charming plants, picturesque swimming-pool zone. Banquet hall - stained glass ceiling, sophisticated interior, opportunity to choose how to place your guests, outside terrace and good location. Cuisine - everything is of high quality, tasty and well composed. Service - the one of your dream.  

   So, in case there is a question "where?" - you know alredy the answer